Hanson Road Flower Co. is a bespoke floral design studio and plant boutique specializing in styles ranging from boho, botanical and wild to classical, soft and romantic. Using a spectrum of colors from blushing pastels to boldly popping blooms, our palette creates highlights and shadows, invites movement, experiments with texture and adds depth to our arrangements. We collaborate with every client to design the flowers of their imagination and bring their ideas to life. Blending ever-evolving inspirations from nature, city streets, personalities and dreams, we capture your intentions in every piece we design.

With our planet and fellow people in mind, we strive to source our flowers from socially and environmentally responsible flower farms and have committed to a foam-free studio. As often as possible, our arrangements are built into recycled or re-loved vases and pots.  Our passion is in the petals.

We have also recently incorporated an entire room (jungle) of house plants into the mix!  With multiple shipments of trending and tropical houseplants arriving each week, we are now offering a wide selection of plant babies with all kinds of pots to choose from as well!  If you find a plant and a pot that you love, we are happy to pot them on the spot for you 🙂

Address & Contact

Our Address

546 Brunswick Street, Fredericton