Katrina is a Registered Reflexology Therapist and holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage Practitioner and Health and Lifestyle Coach. With a love for speaking and over a decade of experience in coaching women to success, she enriches women’s lives by teaching ways to embrace life, find and create balance and alignment and most importantly love who you are, who you’ve become, and where you are headed.

She loves wine, dark chocolate and strong coffee, weight lifting and clean eating, her husband and three daughters, weekend adventures, the colour pink, and everything sparkle!

Katrina’s passion is helping women who have lost themselves through experiencing major life changes. This could be a move, a new baby, marriage, a divorce, buying a home, starting a new career or just feeling that something else is missing in life right now. If you suffer from negative self talk, stuck in a poor habit or fear loop, and find yourself creating a life that you don’t currently love – she can help! She will guide you through a process of deep connection that will bring you feelings of wholeness. Katrina will focus on guiding you to taking action that over a period of time create a higher vibrational you! During your time together your vibration frequency will become balanced and you will understand how to love yourself fully, reconnect to you and create a life you love. Katrina ensures that working with her provides a safe, non-judgmental sacred space where you have the support you need to discuss any health issues in your life. ​She will teach you to pay attention to your body-mind connection and work on re framing habits that do not serve you anymore. She states that she will be your cheer leader, mentor, accountability partner, and your coach.